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Be Healthy! Hi, I’m Krista and I’m on a mission to help others beat obesity. Personally I have lost 90lbs and I have kept it off for over 8 years. I dealt with being overweight all of my childhood and during my college life it was hard, and I was miserable. Sometimes, what people do not understand is that when you are over weight it is not just about what you look like on the outside, but also what you feel like on the inside.

Every one has a unique journey you just have to find your reason and stick with it. I was tired of seeing my self in the mirror, I hated getting my pictures taken. I was done with telling myself I was fat and ugly, and I was lucky I finally set my mind on doing something about it. I knew that I wanted to be healthy, so I started making small steps down the right path. I started to learn about healthy lifestyle rather than crash diets thanks to the help of the WeightWatchers program.

Today, we constantly hear about how important it is to be body positive no matter what your size is. While this may be important to our self-confidence, health is always more important. So many diseases and other problems stem from obesity. Every small move you make even if it is dropping 5lbs, you are working your way in the right direction.


The idea of my site From Fat 2 That is not to force a diet plan on you, it is not to drill sergeant you with a work out plan, but to help you change your mindset. This is not about getting super skinny but getting to a healthier weight. Improving your self, and improving your fitness levels. Believe that if others can do it so can you. Believe that you are going to do it not just for the exterior looks but for the long term health benefits. Continue to believe, and you will achieve.

Be Healthy - My Before and After
Be Healthy - Another before and after

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