Stellar Stuff : My FabFitFun Spring Box Review

It’s the start of April and I just got my FabFitFun Spring box in. In my opinion, it’s always great getting something in the mail when you least expect it. It certainly was a pick me up. Getting the box in the mail this time motivated me to do something.

I had a rough couple of previous weeks, but as they say what don’t kill you makes you stronger. I have been dealing with a lot of ups and downs emotionally. Then, I was also traveling to help with a family situation. Then technical problems led me to stay away from my computer for a few weeks.

I know it sounds a little stupid. But, getting the FabFitFun spring box at my door  last night motivated me to get back to my blog. Sure, I love sharing information with you guys.

Even I sometimes I run low on motivation, time, and willpower to complete my goals. So, instead of just doing this blog post about what was in my box I found the courage to do it on video.

I’ve never really done a recorded video before, but I ended up recording it from my iPad in my after work on a Friday clothes. So please don’t judge me by my grandma sweater, I like to stay warm!

Here is FabFitFun Spring Box Review Video

I Am Awesome From FabFitFun
My SElFIE with my Spring Box
The Roundie From Fab Fit Fun
Beauty Products in my Fab Fit Fun box

My Favorite Item

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies – If you took a moment to watch that video you know why I put this item at the top of my list. First off it was a complete surprise to get this in my box. Sometimes my nails break easily or around the edges so having the extra biotin outside of what I get with my daily multivitamin is fabulous. I think I’m mostly motivated by them being in gummie form. I’m food motivated you already know this! However, I love the brand Nature’s Bounty as I use the protein powder on a regular basis. Even the protein powder has some hair, skin and nails vitamins in it as well. I recommend you also check out my blog post here on why I love the Nature’s Bounty Protein Powder.

Second Favorites

  • Gypsy05 Roundie – I really feel like I got lucky on this one. I love the light and colorful design. It will be great to take with on a beach or a picnic but that might be awhile since I live in Illinois. My boyfriend thought that this was a table cloth.  I’m like ummm no you are not going to use it as a table cloth. BUT, I have been seeing yoga girls on Instagram flaunting these as a backdrop or over top their yoga mat. They are certainly inspiring, beautiful and bring out good vibes.
  • Millie Zip Pouch “Slay All Day” – I am a hard core working woman, so they got the phase right. I also was really digging the other one that they had which said “Beach Please” but I am happy with the one I received. According to the FabFitFun Spring box newsletter it was saying you can pair it up with the roundie by putting utensils in it for packing for picnic. I don’t think I would use it like that, instead I think I would rather put my pens and colored pencils in it for journaling in my erin condren planner. The only thing I’m worried about with this pouch is the color. If it is white, and might get dirty.
  • Emerald Duve Cage Bracelet – Truthfully at first I didn’t know how I was going to like this bangle. But, it is comfortable to wear actually, when I put it on last night I forgot that I was wearing it and then fell asleep with it on. It is a unique piece and if I “dress up” which I rarely do I will wear it. OR perhaps it will inspire me to dress up more often.
Slay ALL Day FabFitFun Spring Box
Rocking The Cuff Bracelet
Love Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies
Roundie with FabFitFun Products

Third Favorites

  • Briogeo (leave in conditioning spray) – Yeah I was completely thinking this was something else in the video until I had a chance to fully read the label. At first I was thinking it was a spray (similar to dry shampoo) but it’s actually a liquid spray and you should be applying it to damp hair. I think it does smell amazing though I will probably shampoo my hair tomorrow and put this on after to see what I think about it.
  • Nail polish by Deborah Lippmann – They are so tiny and cute, and I do love nail polish. But, right now I have my no-chip manicure done so as soon as those are off I will try it and apply it. Last month when I got my FabFitFun Editors box I loved the Zoya nail polish that was in there so I’m sure this will be just as great.
  • I Am Awesome Lip Kit – I’m glad they took the time to notice that I am awesome. So I attempted to apply some today. Honestly, I never purchased lip liner before so because this came with it I thought I would give it a shot. That’s another thing I love about getting the FitFabFun box, it brings me things I might otherwise never pick up. I think it was a beauty fail though because the liner definitely went on uneven. Might have to practice that one some more.

Fourth Favorites

  • Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion – What got me on this one was the trigger word ‘age defying’. As I mentioned in my video I just had a birthday and I can be classified as a “thirty something”. I think this is the time when women really start trying to hide their age. It sucks but I am starting to see the wrinkle lines on my forehead and around outer eyes. Ok I need to bust this product out and see if it helps me reverse my age by at least five years!
  • Karuna Hydrating Face Mark – I love doing face masks when I have the time and energy to do them. This box actually contains an entire month’s worth of face makes so 4 if you stick to doing it 1 time per week. I should really jot that in my planner and make sure I cross it off my list, I wonder if I will see a difference in my skin quality. According to the box it says it improves hydration by 40% after one use.

FitFabFun Spring Box Wrap Up

So that pretty much is the overview of everything I got in this seasons box and my thoughts on it. Some of you might know I am more of a nerd and fitness junkie rather than a beauty blogger, so I like giving my honest opinion and trying out new things. I think subscribing to the quarterly box is a great idea.

I feel there is a lot of value for the money in the box, especially if you like to experiment with new things and are too busy to spend hours at the store. If you want to grab a box for yourself please use my special referral link <<<CLICK HERE>>> and you will instantly get $10 off plus I also get a credit toward my next box. I hope you enjoyed my FabFitFun spring box review, can’t wait to share the future ones.

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