Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

The most important part of working out is having a mindset that makes you want to strive to work harder on your fitness and reach towards the goals that you have set for yourself. You cannot accomplish what you have set out to do if you don’t keep telling yourself that. Positive affirmations play an important role in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. By tuning in to positive affirmations for weight loss and repeating them like chants or a mantra, you will soon see that you are focused towards your goals.

In a previous podcast episode FF2T 31 I spoke with plus size model Sarah Taylor. She told me how she use to hate her body, and started using positive affirmations every day. Then one day her mindset changed, and she loved herself. Once she loved herself she was able to make better choices for her body and her health. She also had posted her own blog entry titled “I am enough” it’s a mantra she uses to remind herself that she is everything she needs to be.

You have to understand the power of positive affirmations in your life. It is important that you understand what your goals are and what do you really want to achieve. What is it that you go out to work out for every day? Whether it is a healthier body, shedding calories or any other, you have to make sure that you know what your “why” is. This will help you create your own affirmation. You can tailor your goal into a small line which you can use while working out to keep that positive mindset.

When you are making your own affirmation, try to make sure that it starts from ‘I am’ which has known to have positive effects on the mind. If you use present tense, you will know that whatever it is you are heading towards belongs to who you are now.

positive affirmations for weight loss

Follow these positive affirmations for weight loss

1. “I am making the most of my weight loss journey.”

2.  “I am ready to prove everyone wrong who laughed at my past failures”

3. “I am going to prove my own physical limitations wrong.”

4. “I am going to stay dedicated to my work out routine.”

5. “I am focused towards a better self for me.”

6. “I am happier whenever I work out to achieve my weight loss goals.”

7. “I am not afraid of challenging myself.”

8. “I am proud of myself for being determined towards my body fitness goals.”

9. “I am in control of my physical and emotional state.”

10. “I am worth all the effort I put in myself.”

By using such positive affirmations for weight loss, you will find it easier to go that extra mile every once in a while and cut back on hazardous food and habits which were a hurdle in the way of achieving your goals. The things you tell yourself will affect you more than anything else, therefore, put yourself in a positive mindset. Here is another great article on how you can get the most out of your positive mantras. 

Take some time out and plan your goals and once you have your fitness goals in front of you, tell yourself that you can achieve them and that you deserve to achieve them. During your workouts, keep repeating your positive affirmations whenever you feel like you lack the energy or physical strength to adopt a particular workout. You will find it easier to push yourself through all the limits that you have imposed on yourself when you have the mindset that polishes you to struggle for your goals every day.

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