My Fab Fit Fun Review

I have not been getting out and going shopping on a regular basis. Truthfully, I have been too busy being a complete nerd and have not made a trip to the mall in months. I have been enjoying online shopping much more, and it is even more fun when things are a complete surprise.

Most times I get excited just to get something in the mail. The other day my mom sent me a valentines day gift and it came in a large envelope and I was not expecting it so it was just nice to actually get something out of the blue in the mail. She got me a nice thoughtful card, a 2017 cat calendar (yes, i’m a huge animal lover), some refrigerator magnets and a $50 Victoria Secret gift card. SCORE!

my fab fit fun review
items from my fab fit fun box

So – getting back to my Fab Fit Fun review, at first I was a little hesitant to buy into it. I just was lingering on the whole … I don’t know if I need more shit mindset. But, what really ended winning me over was the whole element of surprise. It kind of reminded me of my days as a kid going to the dollar store and getting the “grab bag”. Usually it was just a bunch of junk in there but it always was the element of surprise that made me want it.

While the element of surprise is always a good reason to go for something, you also have to make sure it is going to be worth the money. So, I did my research and checked out some of the previous seasons boxes which I could easily find on their website. After reviewing it, it really appeared that you would be getting a lot of bang for your buck.

I actually ordered mine at the right time where I had a really good promotion and got my first box for $35. I thought this value would be worth it just to determine if I liked it or not. The other benefit is that with Fab Fit Fun the boxes are only quarterly. This means you don’t have to shell out $50 every month. Plus you can choose to pay for the whole year upfront and get a discount as well.

Since this is my first time getting a box, and doing a Fab Fit Fun review I cannot provide a ton of details that probably more experienced customers have. But, I will be able to share what I did get in my box and what I thought about some of the products I received. So far I think it’s a great value for money.

I also love the idea of how the boxes are quarterly because it gives me time to actually maybe burn through some of the product. I’m typically guilty of buying new lotions, makeup, hair products, etc. and then hardly using them. Any one else that way?? Anyhow, I’m going to try to use the products up before I place my next order.

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Good Morning Gorgeous Mug From Fab Fit Fun
Nail polish by Zoya from Fab Fit Fun
Modcloth Scarf I Got From Fab Fit Fun
dream necklace I got from my Fab Fit Fun box

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