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Becky is a health coach and has lost over 100lbs through learning a healthy lifestyle and starting with small changes. In today’s episode we talk about the struggles the both of us have faced when growing up overweight. Kids really face the most shame, and hide it from their parents. This is why it is so important to start educating kids at a young age about healthy eating habits.

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Addicted To Eating Junk Food As A Kid.

Becky opens up about problems with being over weight as a child, and I could completely agree with her. We talk about how we loved to eat junk food as a kid, particularly sweets. Both of us were a big fan of little Debbie cakes, and Becky admits that even today her favorite sweet is still the Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Eating sweets as a kid was just one of the issues, but binge eating sweets in secret was a another.

Dealing with Other MEAN Kids
Kids can be real awful, especially in middle school. Constantly teasing you about being fat, even friends she had would say hurtful things about her being fat. The both of us have been through similar experiences, and both agree that GYM was the worse. It’s hard to be active as a fat kid but when we would have fitness tests they were done in front of everyone to stare and laugh at your poor performance. But, today is finally different for the both of us, we are healthy, and we are fit. Becky also tells us about how she is finally proud to say that she eats chocolate, because she was always embarrassed for others to see her eat junk food because of her body image.

Losing Weight With Healthy Habits

This interview with Becky was great because we both lost our weight and have been keeping it off long-term by learning healthy habits. The best part is, that we can both still entertain our inner fat kid by still enjoying of favorite sweet treats that we love. We just eat a lot more vegetables now. Becky says “I eat vegetables on my terms, and I still eat some junk food.” The moral of the story here is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Just make your meals mostly consist of healthy foods like lean proteins and veggies. Treat yourself once in awhile to sweets and fit in time for fitness regularly. This is the recipe for long-term weight loss.

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