Everyone always talks about eating right for weight loss, well in today’s podcast we highlight drinking right. It’s all about hydration, if you don’t drink enough water it could be inhibiting your weight loss results.  Your body is naturally made up of 70 % water, so this ingredient is KEY to keeping your body running. If you are dehydrated both your workouts and your results will suffer.

When it comes to diet and exercise there are just so many things to focus on it can become too complex. You read an article telling you to eat low carbs, you find another article about why a low carb diet is unhealthy. So much confusion out there, and so many decisions to make.

Speaking of decisions, have you heard that we make over 200 food decisions per day? Yikes! They actually did a study on that and you can read more about it there.

I want you to scale things back, and start with something that is HELPFUL and has scientific proof of helping you lose weight without any gimmicks.That is SIMPLY to DRINK MORE WATER. Hydration is essential for your body to flush out toxins and eliminate fat.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Increases your Metabolism

The more you drink the more work your body must do to burn calories, since water is calorie free you can think of this concept like negative calories. Your body is burning calories but not really receiving calories. This is a win, win for your weight loss efforts.

Prevents Overeating

Often we over eat because we are bored, or just on a feeding schedule like how babies are. We are adults here, and should be able to be a little more flexible with our eating times. You think you are hungry, but you might just be thirsty. Drink a full glass of water wait 15 minutes, then see how you feel.

Energy Booster

Are you suffering from low energy in the middle of your work day. Instead of looking for a sugar fix or getting up to get coffee, how long has it been since you drank 8oz of water? A side effect of dehydration is fatigue.

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