Say Happy New Year with 1,000 Squats. I started up the 1000 squat challenge and a new challenge starts every month. The idea is to complete 1,000 squats throughout the month of Jan at your own pace. This is cool because it works for people of all fitness levels, if you are a beginner try doing 33 squats a day, if you are more advanced you can do more squats. Kick up the difficulty level by doing jumping squats or squats with weights.

1000 squat challenge
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Did you gain some extra weight over the holidays?

Personally, I packed on an extra 8lbs, so I wrote it in my list of goals to smash this month. I find it helpful and useful when I make bigger goals and then break them into monthly goals so that they are more reachable. Remember when you go to set your goals for the year you want to make sure they are SMART – (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timebound). Your goals must have a combination of all of these things.

If you stepped on the scale after the new year – don’t let it get you down. You don’t have the time to start feeling depressed over it, just immediately start taking action. Action means it is time to start doing SOMETHING. Even something as small as your daily squats can help you start moving in the right direction. Don’t let that scale boss you, you are the BOSS of it. The 1000 squat challenge will help you focus on a very specific exercise so that you simplify things and stay focused. One of my new favorite quotes is “your life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% of how you react to it.” So, instead of spending too much time sitting around looking at Facebook get up take a walk do something that helps you be a little more active.


10 Big Benefits and Reasons to Squat


  1. Burns More Calories
  2. Helps you get a Better Butt (duh!)
  3. Reduces Cellulite
  4. Strengthens Joints and Core
  5. Helps Build Muscle
  6. Improves Balance
  7. Helps you Reduce Injuries
  8. No Equipment Required
  9. Helps with Digestion
  10. Can be done anywhere

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