Meet Antuan
Antuan was leading an unhealthy lifestyle. He was living his life for years trying to ignore having a battle with obesity. On a regular basis, he was eating a lot of junk food, and fast food without paying attention to the damage it was doing to his body. He told himself he needed to go on a journey to a brand new me.

So I asked Antuan, what was the motivator that got him started on his weight loss journey. He told me a story about how he was out with his wife celebrating her birthday, and he needed to climb up a flight of stairs. He said, that one flight of stairs seemed nearly impossible to get up. He was huffing and puffing with each step, and his knees were absolutely killing him. He said he needed to go on a journey to become a brand new me.

Antuan was only in his young thirties at that time and was extremely fearful that he might need a of a total knee replacement surgery. Antuan says “The idea of a knee replacement surgery really scared me.” This is how he knew he needed to start making some changes to his lifestyle.

He wanted to live a more active lifestyle for his wife and daughter. Antuan felt like his weight was holding him back from being able to do things like soccer practice with his daughter. That was also making him feel depressed because he was feeling like a bad father.

Progress started small and gained momentum.
As most obese people, Antuan was addicted to soda and sugar. He says that on an average day he would drink sodas, eat snickers bars, reeses pieces, and skittles. He had a sweet tooth, but knew he needed to seriously cut it back.

He made the switch from drinking soda to drinking crystal light. He liked how the drink had some flavor, but was not as bad for him as the soda. Eventually, he would also quit drinking crystal light, and completely move over to drinking water.


This is why hydration is so important, nothing works as well to hydrate your body as much as the basic H20. I recommend you take us up on the hydration challenge. It’s a simple challenge to drink a minimum of 64oz of water a day over 20 consecutive days. The challenge is absolutely free, OR you can pay an upgrade fee and claim your medal of completion. JOIN THE CHALLENGE HERE.

Antuan’s Book

Now that Antuan has lost over 100lbs, he says he feels like a brand new man. He gained confidence and started truly believing in himself. He now feels like he can do anything that he puts his mind to. Antuan actually decided that he would write an entire book. His book is called “Inside the Journey to a Brand New Me.”

Antuan actually had a funny story on the reason he wrote the book. He said he got tired of people asking him the same old questions about how he lost the weight. So, he sat down started compiling information he had already written in his blog and turned it into a book format. Now when people ask about the specifics of his weight loss he directs them to his book.

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