Say Hello to Donnie Desanti
Donnie has an interesting background. He did not struggle with obesity, but he had a battle with taking a long term medication. When he was a child he was ‘hyper’ and was diagnosed with ADHD. He was put on medication to control his “chemical imbalance” and he hated having to take the medication.

Inspired by a motivational speaker

Donnie shares how when he was in high school he listened to the story of a motivational speaker. A lady who was previous diagnosed with breast cancer who shared her journey of healing herself through changing her diet. As a boy in high school, it was embarrassing for Donnie to have to take ADHD medication daily, so she inspired him to take some action on healing himself. He educated himself on nutrition, and worked with his doctors until he was able to be removed from his medication.

This is why podcasting is amazing. It is a medium where anyone can become a motivational speaker, an opportunity to get advice from people with real experiences. Maybe you are currently on a medication that has been controlling your life, or giving you bad side effects. Maybe Donnie’s story will help you make a life altering change.

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