Meet Jonathan Bailor – Check out his site SANE solution.
I’m super excited to have the pleasure of speaking with him because he is author of The Calorie Myth which is a NY Times Best Seller. There is a lot on how we should consume quality calories. I’m just getting started with reading the book but it is so good, I recommend you go here and get a copy for yourself. Anyhow beyond that Jonathan is a wellness expert endorsed by top doctors and scientists around the world.

quality calories from super foods

“It’s about eating quality calories” – Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan tells us it is about consuming quality calories not necessarily the quantity. You cannot compare 500 calories of chips to 500 calories of lean protein and vegetables. The math might be the same, but how it makes you feel will not.

Think about it this way, imagine yourself in a situation where you sit down and eat a bowl full of nachos. Then after you eat it you feel full but you realize that was 600 calories then you start feeling bad about what you ate. These were not quality calories.

However, if you went to a friends house for dinner and they had grilled salmon on a bed of rice with a side of vegetables. Let’s say that dinner added up to 800 calories. You are still going to feel better about the salmon dinner because you know it is BETTER FOR YOUR BODY because you know they were quality calories.

So each time you go to consume something, think before you eat. As Jonathan says in our podcast today, anytime you put something into your body you are giving your body information. Your body needs fuel just like a car, think of calories like fuel but think of nutrients in the food like octane boosters.

Super foods like avocados, kale, spinach, salmon, eggs, etc. is helping you get more miles per gallon. If you had a choice of getting a quality of gas that got you 10 MPG or a quality of gas that gets you 25 MPG what would you choose? It’s a no brain-er and that is how you have to think of the foods you are feeding your body with.



Train Your Taste-buds

Did you known your taste-buds are trainable? Jonathan brings up a good point of how people in other cultures love foods that we hate. Why is this? because they grew up eating those things. You can gradually train your taste-buds to like certain foods. Venture out try out a new vegetable or try something you remember you hated as a kid.


Add in Variety

Often times people feel like there is no variety in eating healthy foods. However, Jonathan asks what kind of variety is america eating right now? A variety of chips? A variety of breakfast cerals? A variety of sandwiches? When you eat healthy you have an abundance of combinations not just different pre-packaged flavors to the same primary food.

Reverse Damage

One thing I thought was really cool Jonathan mentions in today’s show is that you can reverse decades of damage to your body. Imagine that, only needing one year of healthy eating habits to reverse the damage you have been doing for decades. Obesity is not the only problem, that is just the exterior issue. Many other things could be going on inside your body and you don’t even know what is wrong.

Highly recommended read – The Calorie Myth

It was awesome of Jonathan to send me a signed copy of his book. I’m just getting into it but i’m really loving the content so far. His take on the whole diet and exercise lifestyle is awesome. I recommend you get yourself a copy if you really want to make a transition into a healthy lifestyle. Find it here on Amazon.

As I go through more chapters of the book, i’m sure I will be bringing up more topics. Hopefully, in the future we can have Jonathan come back and teach us some more of his wisdom.


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