Meet Elise online personal trainer @ Intrinsic Fitness
She started out with an interest in health and fitness from back when she was in high school. She started out by working at her local YMCA. Later when she went to college she pursued her degree in psychology and knew she wanted to help people. She merged her love for fitness and education in psychology together. This is how she developed Intrinsic Fitness. Elise’s goal is to help others become their best self through eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

Elise’s Struggle With Getting To A Goal Weight

In today’s podcast Elise shares her various struggles with her weight. When she was in high school she was the perfect weight, she was in great health and she was trying to help others get in shape. Elise was working for a weight loss program after high school so that she could help coach others.

One day her boss approached her and told her that she should also try following the diet plan. She thought it would be a good idea to get a sense of how the clients related to the program. Unfortunately, this ended up being a terrible decision for her. Elise was already at the perfect weight for her height and age. Now, she was on an extreme diet and ended up losing too much weight that her body started not to function as normal.

She became so thin and under nourished that she lost her period. Elise realized that she needed to come off this diet and back to a healthy lifestyle. Then she started eating anything she wanted and quickly put the weight back on. However, this time she exceeded her typical body weight by nearly 30lbs. This is the problem with dieting, you can easily go from one extreme to another. The best way to fight this is to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and that is exactly what Elise learned to do.

Elise learned Macro counting and started seeing the positive changes in her body. Over time her mindset changed about food. She use to believe that she had to move more and eat less. Now she believes that she has to eat more carbs so she will have more energy to lift heavier weights. Today, as a coach she helps her clients narrow down the food groups that work best for their body. Elise aims to help her clients get the results they want while living a lifestyle that is suitable for them not sacrificing.

Carbs Are Not The Enemy

Many trainers will try to tell you that you should avoid carbs. However, Elise says carbs are not the enemy. In-fact, carbs provide your body with fuel so that you can do more in the gym. Elise has an awesome side by side on her instagram of her body on a low carb diet vs a high carb diet. She is more lean and trim from eating carbs. You just have to be careful of which carbs you are consuming. Carbs are part of a healthy lifestyle.


Don’t Compare

Stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t try to change yourself to look like someone else. Change yourself to improve your health. Ask yourself “What is one small thing that I can do today to be a little bit more healthy?”

Hire A Coach

When you are in doubt, hire a coach. Sometimes the extra push can be a big improvement. You might just need that dedicated accountability buddy or some guidance for your workouts. Even Elise hired a online trainer to help her stay focused. She said this is what changed her life and inspired her to become a coach herself.

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