Josh Elledge owner of and shares his weightloss journey. He tells us how it is difficult to maintain a business and carve out time for fitness, but it is necessary to do what is important for your body. Josh is also a coupon King and shares with us some secrets on how we can save a significant amount of money on our grocery bill with SavingsAngel to cut back on the costs of organic products.

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Balancing Business and Weightloss

Josh mentioned that his weight would fluctuate a lot, and when he reflects back on it now he identified that when business was doing good his weight loss journey was going well. However, when business was doing bad his progress suffered and this was showing up on the scale.

This was because when business was not performing as well, he was spending more time in front of the computer rather than making time for fitness in his schedule. He was grabbing for more sodas and coffee to give him the temporary energy boosts throughout the day when he had to work extended hours. Josh would also find himself snacking on more junk food during these times as well. This is a common problem which is tied into emotional eating.

Friends Influence You

Josh also made an interesting point on how your group of friends can play a strong role in how you treat your body. He told me about how when he moved to Orlando Florida more of his friends were fit and made healthier eating choices. This inspired him to also make changes toward his health. He did not want to be classified as ‘that guy’ who was the ‘fat guy’ in a group of fit people.


Josh started up SavingsAngel almost 10 years ago because he had a vision that he wanted to help people save money on his grocery bill. SavingsAngel is a membership based website but it also contains free access where you can search their coupon database and print off coupons directly from your computer to help you instantly see savings in the grocery store.

During Josh’s weight loss journey, he used his own methods of couponing but he used it more smartly. Sometimes having coupons cause you to buy products that you normally wouldn’t put into your cart, because you are getting a discount on it. However, if you use coupons to purchase things like paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, aka non edible items it can also help you save a lot of money.

But, coupons apply to high quality foods also. Maybe not fresh meat or ripe tomatoes but you can get organic product discounts if they are frozen foods or canned goods. Josh recommends that you search the keyword organic in his SavingsAngel directory. When I went over there and did that I did come across a variety of products with amazing coupons to help save money. Otherwise organics are expensive.

Tools for Weightloss

Josh mentioned several tools and apps that he used during his weightloss journey.
1. My Fitness Pal – for food logging
2. Endomondo – for run tracking
3. Pebble Watch – He mentioned how he use to have a Pebble and loved it
4. Apple Watch – He recently switched over to using Apple Watch
5. Withings scale – to digitally track his daily weight and body fat

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