I lost my Grandma

On Oct. 16th 2016 I lost my grandma. I was very close with her my entire childhood as I grew up with my grandparents. They were the ones who raised me. I’m thankful because I visited with my grandma in September and it gave me good memories of her. A few weeks later they had to put her into the hospital. I really miss her a lot and wanted to share some of my lessons learned. I also wanted to tell you how this tragedy has impacted my health.

Poem: My Grandma was Special

So I wanted to share this little poem which I wrote and read at her funeral.

My Grandma was special
My Grandma was pure
She was like my mother and so much more.

She took me in by the age of two
Without her in my life I wouldn’t know what to do.
She brought me comfort when I was small
Would feed and bathe me but that’s not all.

She taught me love she taught me fun
My grandma was my number one.
Swimming, shopping and watching movies too
These were some of the things we loved to do.

She taught me card games like old maid and go fish
She made an amazing grilled cheese it was my favorite dish.
I remember the days coming home from school
watching Oprah with her because we thought it was cool.

I recall how she cared for animals a lot
Pleasure, comfort and love is what I got.
Out of all the pets we had Sugar was her favorite cat.
She even would cook shrimp for her, can you imagine that?

I will never forget all the animals she loved
I imagine her now protecting them from above.
I hope that this is how she would want things to be
My grandma was always very special to me.

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