Sarah Taylor was crowned Miss Plus Canada. She is a plus size model on a mission to educate women on the importance of being body positive. Sarah has been on her own journey in life to improve herself and help others. She tells us about her mentally abusive relationship, her self hate, and her fears. But best of all she gives us some amazing ACTIONABLE advice on what we can do to change our mindset and think more positively about ourselves.

body positive with Sarah Taylor

Becoming Body Positive

After going through a bad marriage, and building up a lot of self hate, Sarah realized she needed to recover. It was her mom who inspired her to chase her dreams and her mom who reminded her that she was valuable.

So, Sarah created a dream board of things she wanted to accomplish in her life. She recalls writing plus size modeling on the board and erasing it multiple times because she did not have enough confidence in herself. She did not see herself as beautiful and she was not body positive. Little by little she had to work on believing in herself and her self worth.

She finally decided to build up enough courage to put her application out there and she got accepted into a pageant.

When she got accepted it was a huge moment for her. She decided she would go in with no experience but just bring her best self to the table and she ended up taking home the crown for Miss Plus Canada.

Today, Sarah is not just a plus size model, but a role model for young women who face problems with valuing themselves. Sarah encourages women to talk about their problems and educates them on how to start becoming more body positive.

Plus Size and Fit

Let’s go ahead and dispel the myth that plus size women are not fit. Sarah has been on her own weight-loss journey and she has lost an amazing 80lbs over two years. This woman dropped from a size 22 to a size 16 by changing her diet and following the Whole30 eating plan and exercising several times a week.

Sarah decided to change her eating habits, not because she had the goal of losing weight, but because she did not feel good. She was in a lot of pain from a previous car accident and a friend told her that should could reduce her pain by eating the right foods. Sarah learned the real definition of food is medicine.

After a few weeks of cutting out grains, dairy, sugar and processed foods Sarah felt significantly better. She was able to move more, she started to lose weight as an added benefit and she was able to ride her bike pain free. She later joined a bootcamp class where she currently works out there several times a week. You can learn more about her fitness on her blog post #fitknowsnosize.

How to Become More Body Positive

  1. Positive Affirmations – Sarah recommends saying I AM STATEMENTS such as “I am beautiful”, “I am intelligent”, “I am amazing”, “I am loving”, “I am a princess”, “I am the best”, “I am strong”, “I am powerful”.
  2. Ask Your Friends and Family – If you are having trouble coming up with positive things to think about yourself ask your friends and family members they will likely tell you things you never expected.
  3. Stand Naked In Front of the Mirror – Recognize your body, adore yourself, focus in on the areas you are uncomfortable with and associate positive thoughts with these areas.
  4. Tune Out Negativity – Sometimes negativity can come from our partners, our family, friends or social media. Tune out the negativity spend more of your time with positive people. When you hear negative statements, one of Sarah’s favorite quotes is “Haters gonna hate, and world changers are gonna world change.” Think of yourself as a world changer!
  5. Accomplish Goals – Accomplishing a goal is a huge boost of self confidence, when you set a small goal and you achieve it, then you instantly become proud of yourself. Create more proud of yourself moments.
  6. Look Good Feel Good – This goes back to the “dress for success” saying. Wearing bold colors can be mood boosting, and wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and flatters your figure can also improve your confidence.
  7. Mediate – Negative feelings come up in all of us at anytime. Being mentally strong can help you overcome a pity party. Take a time out for meditation.
  8. Hobbies – When you engage in things that you love doing such as crafts, sports, spa days you are keeping your mind engaged on the task at hand and not slipping into such negative thoughts. Do the things you love more often!
  9. Journal – Remember having a diary when you were a teeny-bopper? Bring that diary back and keep a journal on what you did during the day and how you felt. Write down your positive affirmations in there as well. Set goals there, create to do lists, and check them off as you complete them. This will make your entire day feel like more of a success.
  10. Stop Comparing – This one is probably the most important we keep trying to look at other women and tell ourselves “my life would be better, if I was at least her size” or “if I had her smile” or “If I had her boobs” FORGET that. Every BODY is different. We all have different genetic makeups and some things such as facial features are never going to change. If we keep hating ourselves we will never win at improving ourselves. Instead learn to love yourself now, with your body as it is, and if one of your goals is to lose weight the journey will be much more easier if you have a better mindset. You will NEVER HATE yourself into LOVING yourself!

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