I saved the BEST for last… GRAINS…and whole grains

I’m pretty sure I have personally been a bread fan from day one, but grains is actually a wide variety of things ranging from rice to cereal. When you think of grains you should think of them as two kinds the good for you grains( whole grains ) and the not so weight loss friendly kind (refined grains). If you are looking to lose weight you should avoid the refined grains and go with the whole grains. There are a lot more positive benefits when it comes to whole grains.
WHOLE GRAINS: Whole wheat flour, brown rice, oatmeal, bulger, quiona.
REFINED GRAINS: White flour, white bread, white rice, etc.

eat whole grains

1. Fiber – Your daily fiber intake should be approx 25 – 35 grams. When you consume whole grains you are getting a larger quantity of fiber when you compare it to the amount of fiber found in refined grains. So start small by maybe swapping out your white bread for a whole grain option.

2. Digestion Improvement – So in yesterday’s post when we were talking about how yogurt helps with digestion because it has probitics, whole grains also help you improve your digestion. If you get the right amount of fiber in per day it can help you avoid both constipation and diarrhea.

3. Reduce blood pressure – Many people start their weight loss journey because they already have high blood pressure and have to take medications. Losing weight can help you reduce your dosage or bring your blood pressure back to normal. According to research that has previously been performed consuming whole grains regularly helps lower blood pressure faster than compared to those who eat more refined grains.

4. Reduces Belly Fat – When I read this fact, I thought this was very interesting. So many people have asked me “How do I get rid of fat on my stomach?” ultimately you have to lose weight all over you cannot just target one area, but according to a scientific study whole grains help redistribute fat and actually move fat out of your belly area.

5. Blood Sugar Regulation – Whole grains are proven to keep your blood gloucose levels from spiking. This helps to reduce type 2 diabetes and other problems. If you are struggling with obesity and are diabetic – think about if you would rather make small simple food swaps or stay on that garbage medication which will do long term damage to your body. Simply asking for brown rice at Chipotle is one small step in the right direction!

Let’s talk LOW carbs.

You hear many people openly talk about being ‘low carb’ and we know that grains contain a high amount of carbohydrates – so you might be feeling confused about why it is important to still have carbs in your diet. It is a proven fact that people who consume grains regularly are more likely to lose weight a little slower than someone avoiding grains but people who do eat whole grains will keep the weight off longer.

What we are looking for here is a healthy lifestyle that will get you long term results by building healthy habits. Carbs are needed to provide your body with energy, this is even more important if you are working out moderately to aggressively. The best plan is to have carbs in your day but to be wise about your choices and your portions.

For example, you can still be “low carb” but have a slice of whole grain toast with your breakfast or choose to have a half cup of brown rice with salmon for dinner. The idea is to limit your refined grains, and cut down on consuming sugar. Keep working on your goals, make small changes one day at a time and realize you will not always make the perfect decisions.

Best of luck on your weight loss journey – and remember getting in all 5 food groups helps satisfy your nutritional needs.

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