American’s don’t consume enough superfoods.

When we go grocery shopping we have a ton of options, but the truth is most Americans hate spending time in the kitchen and prefer to pick up something fast and convenient. The problem with this is we tend to be reliant on too much fast food and packaged items that can be popped into the microwave.

So what’s the problem with eating fast food or frozen food?

They contain a lot of preservatives, chemicals and the nutritional information does not typically help promote a healthy lifestyle or assist you with losing weight. One slice of tomato on a hamburger and one piece of lettuce does not mean you ate your vegetables. Chowing down on french fries is not a reason to say you ate your vegetables today.

We need more leafy greens and super foods like broccoli, wheat-grass, kale, spinach.

Eating fast foods that are high in saturated fat, or eating convenience meals that are saturated with sodium causes our digestion process to slow down and our metabolism to crawl. This impacts our energy, or stress levels, our mental focus, and even down to our immune system. If you are someone who gets sick often it could be because you are not getting the right amount of nutrients that your body really needs.

I found this supplement called GREEN JUICE which is certified as USDA organic, and guess what? It is gluten free, and VEGAN for those of you who are living the vegan lifestyle. It is also soy and dairy free but is packed with superfoods. You can simply mix it into your drink and get a huge boost of nutrients.

Some of the ingredients look like Chlorella, Moringa, Spirulina, Mint, Beets, Matcha Green Tea, Wheatgrass, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Lemon, Coconut Water, and Monk Fruit. No chemicals here! Just superfoods

Adding something like this into your daily routine will help sharpen your mind by providing you with more energy and mental clarity. It aims to detoxify your body with helping you flush out toxins which have built up, and all these nutrients help support a healthy immune system.

Give it a try and see how you feel after adding Green Juice to your lifestyle.

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