Author Roy Huff goes through a 40 pound life changing transformation.

Let me introduce you to Roy. Roy Huff is a popular fiction author with many published books such as his Everville series whch can be found on Amazon. So, if you are a fan of fiction his stuff is worth checking out. After chatting more with Roy via Twitter I learned that he had a great weight loss story that I really needed to share.

Roy started his weightloss journey back in January 2015. He knew that he needed to lose weight, but first he realised he needed to develop an action plan. Just like how he would create outlines for his books, he used a similar process to tackle his weight loss goals. So he decided that he would keep a daily journal about his progress. Craft up “to-do” lists, and utilize the pomodoro method to fully focus on the task at hand.

When he had his action plan ready to go he knew it was the time to start cutting out some of his old habits. He needed to steer clear from alcohol and fast food, and they were his weakness. Once he started to cut these things out he was able to log progress in his journal. This made Roy feel that he was getting back into control of his life. He could say NO to a beer or decide to pass up the opportunity to hit a drive through and make a more mindful decision.

After Roy was getting a handle on his diet he knew it was a good time to start fitting in some physical activity. Roy is a very busy career driven professional, so in the beginning he decided to keep his physical activity time short to start out with. He knew something would be better than nothing so he got started with push-ups and sit-ups. Over time he was able to add in more to his routine and accomplish his 40lb goal.

Roy Huff Gives Weightloss Advice:

Your first week is going to be the most difficult. You will probably experience some mood swings but staying consistent is the key to your success. After that first week or two you will experience being more in control of decisions that were otherwise on auto-pilot.

If you decided to make yourself a ‘to-do’ list, you may not accomplish everything in one day its okay you can just roll that over to the next day. However, you should put the most difficult things that you need to do at the top of the list to prioritize those. If you are really struggling with completing your to-dos then simply shorten up your list so that you feel the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Other Benefits:

Roy told me about how his weight loss journey did not just improve his physical looks but how he developed more willpower and determination for other aspects of his life. He was able to tackle more writing projects and complete his fourth novel.

He set him self up with new challenging goals of writing an average of 70 to 100 pages per week while working full time as a science teacher. Accomplishing his weight loss goals have changed his mindset completely. So , start with developing your action plan and create some mini goals within that action plan so when they are complete you feel good about it. .

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