Lane has lost a whopping 246lbs, but is pushing forward to hit that 250 mark. He has overcome many challenges in his life, and tells me about how difficult something as simple as tying his shoes became a regular struggle. He knew he had to turn his life around else he would be facing a world of other problems.

How much weight have you lost so far on your journey and have you hit your goal?
I So far I have lost an amazing 246 lbs.  I haven’t met my goal but I am 4 lbs away from it tho.

2. Did you struggle with weight all of your life or did you gain weight after you got older?
 I remember being overweight since the age of 10.  However, as I got older the problem became worse.

3. What was that trigger reason that finally caused you to decide to lose weight?
 I was no longer living.  I felt like a prisoner in my own body. Everything was taxing from tying my shoes to walking into a store.  I knew I had to do something.

4. Give me some examples of changes you made in your life to make better eating habits.
  I stopped drinking any and all soft drinks. I limit my sugars and do very little simple carbs.  I normally take in about 80 – 120 grams of protein a day.  I also drink mostly water now or unsweetened tea. This is how I lost weight.

5. When you think back to the foods that you use to eat, do you still have that food today on occasion, or do you avoid it all together, and does it still taste as ‘good’ as you remembered it to?
I completely stay away from all of the old comfort foods . I have found that I don’t crave them any longer.  I don’t ever want to go back to my old lifestyle patterns.

6. What plan did you do to help you lose the weight?
Well, after visiting with my doctor I found out that my hormones were so messed up from yo-yo divesting that I could no longer lose.  So I underwent Weight loss surgery.  Some say this is the easy way out, however, there has been nothing easy about it. The surgery is only a tool.  Without the proper food and exercise you will continue to gain. So I eat very healthy and am in the gym 4-5 days a week at about 2 1/2 hours per day.

7. What is your typical fitness routine?
I am working out 5-6 days per week. I usually go to the gym. I am doing some mobility exercise, then I am working one muscle group per day. 3-4 exercise from 3-4 sets and 6-8 repetition.
Then I am always stretching. Sometimes, I might go for jogging but because I like it not because I have to do it!

8. Everyone has a bad day how do you look past mistakes and move forward?
I  I gather myself from the mistake and choose to not measure myself from the mistake but I define myself by who I am becoming.  I live by this rule:  this is the only life we get, this is not a dress rehearsal.  We have to make it count!!

9. We all need a strong support system to stay committed, who supports you?
TI have a Son, Nickolas, who works out with me everyday.  He tells people that I teach him the spiritual aspects of life and he teaches me the physical (gym) aspects.  I am a minister by trade.

My family is also very supportive and I also am a member of a Weightloss forum on social media that helps to keep everyone uplifted and supported.

10. What kind of advice would you give to others who are having a hard time getting started?
Make a plan, work the plan and the plan will work for you.  All you have to do is make the first step.  Believe in yourself enough to make the first move.  If I can do it, anyone can!!!

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