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1. How much weight have you lost so far on your journey and have you hit your goal?

Well I just started my weight loss journey after I moved to America… started 14th of July… lost 18 pounds… and still need to lose minimum 8-10 more…

2. Did you struggle with weight all of your life or did you gain weight after you got older?
I did struggle with weight all my life…trying different diets and then gaining weight again… was in a good shape before I moved to America  (got married to American man) and start to eat junk food everyday… America is full of delicious junk food.

3. What was that trigger reason that finally caused you to decide to lose weight?
So when I finally understood that I gained a lot and even my husband started to show me my old photos  (in which I was much slimmer) I decided to stop eating pizza,burgers,sugar and all kinds of junk food..


4. Give me some examples of changes you made in your life to make better eating habits.
I took all unhealthy food out of the fridge, tried to stay away from fast food places and cook my food at home and even take it with me in containers…I started planning more and eating quality foods which were better for my body.

5. When you think back to the foods that you use to eat, do you still have that food today on occasion, or do you avoid it all together, and does it still taste as ‘good’ as you remembered it to?
I still want to eat pizza or cheeseburger sometimes..And I do it when I really feel that I want it..and then continue my healthy eating… yeah my food habits changed, I’m enjoying healthy food much more..

6. What plan did you do to help you lose the weight?
I’m following method of doctor Kovalkov (a russian doctor who wrote a book about weight loss)

7. What is your typical fitness routine?
For the moment I’m walking every day in the morning (before breakfast) for 40 minutes -1 hour… when I will lose more fat then gonna start heaving exercises. .

8. Everyone has a bad day how do you look past mistakes and move forward?
Trying to ignore the bad days, keep myself motivated watching looking at pictures on instagram and looking at  my old photos  (when I was slim and happy)

9. We all need a strong support system to stay committed, who supports you?
My family and family of my husband do support me..Mom always saying that I’m an example for her. My sister always proud of me. And husband’s family also cherishes and compliments me .

10. What kind of advice would you give to others who are having a hard time getting started?
Well the beginning is the hardest part..but when you pass it and see the first results you won’t quit… find something to motivate you  (I made a folder in my phone where I’m saving inspiring photos of girls – before and after,some recipes of healthy and tasty food, my photos-which I like (when I was slim) and which I don’t  (where I am fat) as well I bought a dress in which I can’t fit now, but I will very soon 😊).. try to be positive, love yourself and do whatever makes you happy (except eating cheeseburgers everyday)

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