The Five Food Groups of Weight Loss

In today’s podcast i’m talking to you about my plan to launch a blog series. The series will kick off on September 19th and I will be talking to you about the five food groups for weight loss. Each food group serves an important role, and it will focus on why we should eat balanced meals. The idea is that on each day of the week over the course of 5 days Monday- Friday I will be releasing a new post about each individual food group so this will provide you with a lot of content and food for thought. No PUN intended! ┬áHA!

The Five Food Groups for Weight Loss Schedule

On Monday the 19th – We will talk about Veggies
On Tuesday the 20th – My post will be about Fruits
On Wednesday the 21st – My topic will be Protein
On Thursday the 22nd – We discuss Dairy
On Friday the 23rd – The best for last is Grains

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