Meet Sami she refers to herself as “The Fit Chic That Hates Fitness”
After college Sami realized she was 170lbs overweight and felt depressed that her friends were going off to do fun things in life and she was just feeling miserable about herself. She wanted to take her life back, she wanted to be active like her friends, she wanted to travel and do fun things which she felt that being obese kept getting in the way. So she decided it was time to take action, and things did not start changing until she finally decided to start opening up to friends and family about her weight problem.

“I wanted to take my life back” – Sami Skow

Sami tells us about how she felt miserable being overweight. She felt left out, and her size limited her from being able to feel like she fit in. Anytime a close friend or family member would try to talk to her about her weight problems she felt like it was a personal attack against her and she would get very defensive.

Sami’s weight started to come off when she opened up to family and friends about her weight problem and they were able to offer her suggestions, recommendations, and be there to support her through anything that she needed. Having a solid support system is so important when you are working on your weight loss journey.


She also mentioned how she kept trying crash diets in the past and they always resulted in a miserable failure because she would gain the weight back. Once she really learned what a healthy lifestyle was that is when she was able to get the long term success she was looking for because she was able to find new foods that she loved. She taught herself how to cook veggies by following some quick and easy low calories recipes online.FOLLOW SAMI ON SOCIAL MEDIA


Learning to cook changed Sami’s life. She was not taught coking in the past and would even blow up microwaves. She had to hit the cookbook’s hard to learn the skill of cooking. But, what she really learned is that she loved cooking and she loved trying new recipes that appealed to her.


Sami really hated fitness when she first started working out. She said “I don’t know how people can spend time on the treadmill, it is so boring.” She kept telling herself how much she hates fitness. However, once she started attending group fitness classes she found something that was fitting in fitness and having fun. She liked dancing, and she like participating with the group of girls. When she finally found something she loved, she decided to become a trainer.


Sami learned that she had to balance her eating habits. In the past when she kept doing crash diets she constantly felt like she was looking for a ‘quick fix’ that would help her lose weight fast. But, losing weight fast usually means that you will not keep it off for the long haul. She learned that having a healthy lifestyle of balancing her meals, and staying active is what has really kept the weight off. Sami has lost 170lbs and has been keeping it off for over 6 years.

Falling back into old habits. Sami Says – it is possible to fall back into old habits and gain weight.

It has happened to her, sometimes we go through rough situations in life which can completely derail us, but we have to remember that those situations are temporary. We must climb back on the weight loss horse and once again just stick to the plan and drop the pounds again. It’s not always easy, especially for a girl like Sami who hates fitness, but you know what she did it!

Sami tells us about some of her own experiences where she would go through a rough break up and gain several pounds back – but she was determined to be successful on her weight loss journey and work it off again. DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. Simply just get back to the grind, and you will be fine.

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Cauliflower – Mac n Cheese
Cauliflower – Fried Rice

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