Cookie Rosenblum, professional weight loss coach, author, and fellow podcaster of Real Weight Loss for Real Women – talks to us about the real reasons behind why we over eat, and some techniques we can use to avoid mindless and/or emotional eating.
Bio: Cookie Rosenblum, MA, is a highly skilled Master Coach with only one specialty: weight loss for the thinking woman. This includes working on emotional eating and also binge eating. She has over 25 years of experience helping women like you get to the root of the problem, so they don’t only lose the extra weight, they lose the whole problem.

Cookie Rosenblum has been a weight loss coach before she herself had a “weight – problem”. Once she became a mother she put on about an extra 35lbs and felt like she tried everything she could to get it off. She tells me about how she felt overweight, embarrassed, and frustrated as a weight loss coach who could no solve her own weight-issue. This is what motivated Cookie to find out what was really going on. So, she started studying psychology and addictive behaviors and this was when she discovered what was really behind emotional eating.

Why Do We Over Eat?

Emotional eating – we have learned to connect emotions to food. When we start to feel bad we crave pleasure in something. Our brains know that we find instant pleasure from food, and it is usually the most convenient thing that we have access to. The problem is that when these emotions take over, we don’t identify our stopping point until it is too late and we have finished the entire bag of chips, or box of icecream.


Listen to your body, to identify your level of hunger. Is your stomach growling? Are you really hungry right now, or could you wait a little longer? If you are not hungry, simply don’t eat – don’t force hunger to come ahead of schedule.


We need to learn to manage our emotions. We need to gain control of our mind to first process information before we act on it. We need to have strong mental clarity to step back and think about the decision we want to make.


Taking care of our soul is a way in which we can take care of our self. It might be something that you do to relax like meditation, or taking a bubblebath. It could be getting a pedicure or putting lotion on your body.

The Hunger Scale

Cookie uses this technique frequently with her clients. This really helps to understand why we over eat. She tells her clients to think about their hunger and then think of a scale from negative ten to positive ten.

Then before you decide to eat think about where you are on that scale currently. Maybe you are a negative 3 if it has been several hours since you last ate and you are ready to eat your next meal. But, if you ask your self where you are on the scale and you are feeling neutral such as in the “0” position then you should not force yourself to eat something for the sake of eating something.

The hunger scale is a great way you can check in with yourself to decide if you are ready to eat, and how much you should eat. For example if you are sitting at a negative 3, then maybe you should have a meal. If you are just at a -1 and check the time and it will still be another hour or two before a meal then it is a good indicator that it is time to reach for a healthy snack. Using this scale can really help us gauge why we over eat.

Wasting Food…
Why do we over eat? We don’t want to waste food. Many of us have been taught by our parents that food cost money, money don’t come easy and there are starving children in other countries which is why we should never waste food. But in reality it is just another excuse for why we over eat. We feel guilty if we throw something away, and we need to learn how to not feel guilty.

Moms of young children especially have this problem. When the kid does not finish what is on the dish they decide they will just “finish it off” but all of those little extra bites of food throughout the day end up adding up to a lot more than you realize. The best way to handle this issue is to simply pack the food up and have it for another day. This way you are not wasting it and it is not going to show up on your waist.

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