We are myth busting metabolism and educating you on what metabolism is, and what it is really responsible for. The bottom line is that it does convert calories into energy but I explain why you should not focus on how fast or slow your metabolism actually is. Because at the end of the day it is about the quantity and the quality of the foods that you eat which can help you burn more calories.

Myth Busting Metabolism

Yes it is true that metabolism is the process where your body converts food that you eat and things that you drink into energy. the way it works is The calories are combined with oxygen to fuel your body with energy and continues to provide your body with energy even when you are at rest.

So why do some people have faster metabolisms than others? Some of the things that factor in to your metabolic rate is your body size and composition, a petite female is going to have a completely different metabolism from a 6′ tall male. Larger people with more muscle mass will burn more calories.

Women always feel that it is easier for men to lose weight and part of that is true because by nature they generally carry more muscle which speeds up their fat burning process. Again, this also slows down as we age. The older we get the more our muscles start to deteriorate and your body fat percentage will start to increase slowing the rate of calorie burning down.

But, is metabolism really the reason why you are having problems losing weight? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it really isn’t, I mean there are some extreme cases but in most it is not. I know probably shocking news to hear because you feel like you are having lunch with the skinny girls and seeing them be able to chow down a burger and fries with out having to think twice.

MYTH #1 – Skinner people don’t have ‘faster’ metablosims

Keep in mind it is movement that matters, not just about (okay i knocked out a 1 mile jog i’m good for the day) no think about it if you sit another 8 hours on the chair you are just simply not getting enough movements in throughout your day to cause you to burn more calories than you consume. For example, you see people in the office who are fidgety or up and out of their chair more often are likely to be more thin because they have that built into their personality. Moving more comes easy to them.

When thinking about all movement matters, even your trips to the restroom or to the office water cooler is a way to add more movement into your day. A genuine rule of thumb is that you should try to fit at least 30 minutes in your day to physical activity. So let’s say you want to go to the mall to do some shopping enter one end, walk straight to the other end and shop as you make your way back. This way you can use it for both a fun time and a shopping experience.

EVERY LITTLE MOVEMENT MATTERS. Personally, I park my car at the far end of the parking-lot to fit in extra steps – it helps and even if I don’t see it reflect on the scale; I mentally feel better about taking the extra steps and on days I dont do it I feel like I cheated myself or took a short cut.

When I was doing my fact-finding mission for this podcast I came across an article on Shape.com which stated “Marketers know we’re buying metabolism fixes: A quick Google search for “metabolism” turns out some 75 million hits—more than “obesity,” (10 million) “weight loss,” (34 million) and “Kate Upton” (1.4 million) combined!” so, don’t get folled by those diet pills and garbage you see out there on the web claiming to help you speed up your metablosim and burn more fat, because it just is not true

Metabolism Myth #2: Skipping A Meal Might Slow Your Metabolism

Remember hearing how if you skip a meal it will slow down your metabolism? Well that advice was wrong, i’m not saying skipping a meal is a good idea but if you do skip a meal don’t panic and think its going to bring your metabolism to a halt. Remember losing weight is about the quantity and the quality of the food you do it.

However there are a few healthy and hopeful foods that can help you burn off more calories such as eating apples, or another tip would be to start your day off by eating lean protein because it is proven that protein burns twice as many calories during the digestion process as compared to fats and carbs. This is one of the reasons why the Paleo style diet plan and other low carb diet plans tend to get results  quickly but keep in mind it is all about that healthy lifestyle to get those long term results you are looking for.


Myth #3: Eating Late At Night Will Cause Damage

Eating late at night is not really a problem and does not damage your metabolism or really cause you to gain more weight. Again, it comes back to what it is that you are eating.

People who eat late typically might be out and the only things open late are Taco Bell and Denny’s. Or perhaps if they are having a Netflix binge session they might have a craving for late night ice-cream. Now do you understand what is meant by quantity and quality of the food? If they were to snack on cucumbers and carrots with a dollop of dill dip do you think they would really need to think twice?

It’s just a good rule of thumb to not eat late at night because you are developing a bad habit. It is ideal not to eat very late since you are just going to be going to sleep and not putting in much effort to burn off added calories. Usually people try to follow a rule of thumb to not eat after 7pm.

Metabolism Myth #4: Energy Drinks boost your Metabolism

Seriously who came up with that crock-o-crap with out thinking of the consequences? The amount of sugar in those things will certainly cause you to gain more fat than burn it over anything else, but if you want to slim down there is an almighty drink that will help you do that and its called WATER!

There have even been scary cases where young healthy people experienced heart attacks which may have been related to drinking these energy drinks. As most caffeine drinkers already know, habitual caffeine consumption can possibly lead to dependency in some people.Withdrawal symptoms, such as headache or fatigue is something else you might experience, so why set yourself up for failure by getting hooked on something like Monster energy?

Energy drinks are also linked to anxiety, as large doses of caffeine can trigger a panic attack. Also having an abundance of caffeine can also lead to insomnia, as well as diabetes. Check out this article I found over at CaffieneInformer.com about the various dangers of energy drinks. If you are currently hooked on energy drinks here are some directions on how to ween yourself off of that.

Myth #5 – HOT workouts lead to weight loss

The only thing a hot workout like hot yoga or running in 90 degree weather will get you is sweat soaked. While sweating is a good thing, it does not mean just because the temperature around you is hot is causing you to burn more calories. Actually according to research from the journal Diabetes it spoke about how cooler temperatures may help boost weight loss. Because when we are cold the GOOD fat actually burns through the BAD fat to keep us warmer.

Anyhow so I know this was kind of a lot of information to take in, in one go so lets just do a quick recap here. The goal is to not go crazy with over thinking metabolism. Don’t go out and take any garbage diet pills that is just going to end up doing more damage to your body. But there are some HEALTHY things that can assist with the amount of calories that you burn in a day.

That would be getting a good amount of sleep, drinking a lot of water, moving more, consuming good portions of protein, and having an occasional cup of coffee. So stop focusing on fad-ways to boost up your metabolic rate and stick to the standards. Stay healthy, happy, and enjoying your life.

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