Meet Craig you can find him on Instagram @craigcaton905  
He started losing weight after divorce to be more healthy, happy, and have more energy to keep up with his daughter. Craig tells us that meal prepping has been a big part of his weight loss journey that helps keep him on track.


1. How much weight have you lost so far on your journey and have you hit
your goal? so far I have lost 50 lbs . At my biggest I was 305 I got down to 255

2. Did you struggle with weight all of your life or did you gain weight
after you got older? I have always struggled with my weight, but got really bad during my divorce. Which is why I choose to start losing weight after divorce.

3. What was that trigger reason that finally caused you to decide to lose
weight? I ended my marriage and wanted to make my self happy for a change and be able to do more stuff with my daughter. So, I decided to start losing weight after divorce.

4. Give me some examples of changes you made in your life to make better
eating habits. I prep all meals 5 days a week but as of last week I have started a 3 month plan which is sticking to a strict diet of 2200 calories a day. 

5. When you think back to the foods that you use to eat, do you still have
that food today on occasion, or do you avoid it all together, and does it
still taste as ‘good’ as you remembered it to? I certainly try to avoid as much bad stuff going in me as possible, but when I do eat  something that I probably shouldn’t of, it definitely tastes just as good as before maybe even better than before.

6. What plan did you do to help you lose the weight? My only plan was to eat right hit the gym and make better choices all around in life.

7. What is your typical fitness routine? I go to the gym usually Monday to Friday. Do cardio in the mornings and come back after work and do weights . I find keeping my self busy and tried helps from late night snacking

8. Everyone has a bad day how do you look past mistakes and move forward? If I have a bad day in just remember how far I have come on my weight loss and fitness journey.

9. We all need a strong support system to stay committed, who supports you?  I am my own support system and instagram definitely helps.

10. What kind of advice would you give to others who are having a hard time
getting started? Once you see that results it becomes addicting and you will never go back. I started march of 2015 and started seeing the results rapidly.

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