Yannis is a young man who decided to change his body #fromfat2that. He has his own blog where you can learn more about how he made the transition into his inner hero. He was tired of living his life feeling like he was cheating himself out of getting the most life has to offer. He turned his life around and lost 132 pounds through natural diet and exercise. Yannis became his inner hero by losing weight, boosting his self esteem and being able to participate in various levels of activity life has to offer.

How much weight have you lost so far on your journey and have you hit your goal?
I started at 138.8 kg on September 2012 and my lowest was 77.7 kg on December 2015.
When I started my goal was to go bellow 100 kg when I hit that I wanted to go below 80 kg and then I wanted to hit 78 Kg which I did!! Overall I have lost 61.1 kg body weight but I have gain a lot of muscle mass the last year and a half so I believe I have lost a more than 61 kg of body fat.

2. Did you struggle with weight all of your life or did you gain weight after you got older?
I was obese all of my life at 15 I was weighted around 85 kg after 2 years, I reached the 116 kg. One year later I managed to loose 23 kg but I couldn’t manage the quality of my food and because of some bad situations I saw food as pleasure and I reached 138.8 kg when I was 22 years old.

3. What was that trigger reason that finally caused you to decide to lose weight?
I wanted to live my life to the fullest and not to have regrets when I will be older…
I knew that my personality and how I was reacting in front of others wasn’t the real me. I was shy and odd some times, and I used to say that I am just a cheap version of myself. I wanted to become my inner hero. So, I decided to go towards my goals and not only in weight loss but generally in life.

4. Give me some examples of changes you made in your life to make better eating habits.
I tried to stop consuming junk foods, but I did it very slow. I started cutting a junk food at a time. If I wanted to become my inner hero I knew I had to give up some of my favorite things. I started with Coca Cola and other high calorie drinks. I have not had any coca cola since September 2012 and I am not planning to start soon!! Then it was time to cut chips, biscuits, chocolate bars and other sweets… In their place I started eating a lot of veggies and fruits. When I started educate myself to nutrition and healthy eating, I learned everything about calories macros and micros and I started to apply them to my lifestyle. I change my eating habits gradually.

5. When you think back to the foods that you use to eat, do you still have that food today on occasion, or do you avoid it all together, and does it still taste as ‘good’ as you remembered it to?
My biggest problem with foods was sweets especially if they had chocolate. I used to buy the cheapest chocolate bars cakes etc, so I could have money to buy more… I am not eating them anymore. I had not shop junk foods since the beginning of 2014. Now in some occasions I will enjoy some treats but I have made a promise to myself that this treats have to be homemade and something really special so I can feel the experience to it!! Of course the foods that I am eating noways taste much better than the junk foods I used to eat!! Back there food wasn’t for hunger or taste, it was playing a psychological pleasure to my life.

6. What plan did you do to help you lose the weight?
Simple, Better quality of food and enjoyable workout. My plan was to gradually change my lifestyle. Also I had promised to myself that I won’t take any pills or any kind of supplementation which it might hurt me. The only supplementation I consumed was simple whey protein.

7. What is your typical fitness routine?
I am working out 5-6 days per week. I usually go to the gym. I am doing some mobility exercise, then I am working one muscle group per day. 3-4 exercise from 3-4 sets and 6-8 repetition.
Then I am always stretching. Sometimes, I might go for jogging but because I like it not because I have to do it!

8. Everyone has a bad day how do you look past mistakes and move forward?
I look mistakes as lessons. I am trying to learn from them. During my weight loss journey I had a lot of bad days and I learned a lot about myself and how to react on these situations.

An example is that I was eating burgers and pizzas because I didn’t have any food available at home. After a year and a half I started to prepare all my meals on the weekend. The results were amazing!! I reduced 80% of this bad foods in the first two months and after six months I wasn’t ordering delivery at all!! In fact, I haven’t make a delivery call since December 2013, which is pretty impressive for my standards. On 2010, I was ordering daily!!!

9. We all need a strong support system to stay committed, who supports you?
The people that support me are my parents and my best friend. You don’t need a lot of people to support you but just a few that they understand your goals in life.

10. What kind of advice would you give to others who are having a hard time getting started?
Become your inner hero. Think what is the outcome of it. Wright down 5 reasons why you want to loose weight and try to read it daily and as you read it, image yourself as you have accomplished those goals!!

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