In this guide to fitness podcast Judy helps beginners gear up and create a plan for success. Judy has years of experience as a certified fitness instructor. She has worked with a variety of clients on all different levels of fitness, and she speaks to us today about the basics of starting your fitness journey and what to expect. I was really excited when Judy asked to be on my podcast, because she use to be one of my fitness instructors!

A beginner’s guide to fitness

Babies start out crawling before they can walk, and walking before they can run. You should think of starting your fitness journey on the same terms. You must start small. If you go in all “balls to the wall” it is likely that you will get injured or just simply steam out. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you might want to consider just simply taking a walk for 30 minutes a day. If you cannot go for 30 minutes straight, break it down throughout your day.

In this guide to fitness you need to PLAN out what your fitness routine might look like then start working toward that. Judy mentions she has a planner and puts her pen to paper on a daily basis to jot down exactly the things that she wants to accomplish and she schedules her fitness with herself. One of Judy’s recommendations if you are just starting out on your fitness journey is to set yourself up with realistic expectations and take one day at a time.


Create yourself a pumped up playlist of tunes for when you hit the gym. Listening to songs that you love can help energize you and reduce the bordem you might feel on the tread mill. You can also set yourself up with some benchmarks such as jogging through an entire song, and walking the next. Let a kick ass playlist be your guide to fitness.


Find at least 15 minutes per day to meditate. There are so many impactful benefits to meditation such as helps to increase exercise tolerance, helps you sweat less, reduces high blood pressure and more. Like Judy said if you cannot find 15 minutes a day to meditate you need a solid hour of meditation.


When you are starting your fitness journey, it is highly important that you are getting enough of water. Water helps flush the toxins out of our bodies and what you want to aim for is the ‘clear pee’. So when you are sweating during your workout at the gym take a water bottle or hit the water fountain.

Benefits of Lemon Water

While you are following the guide to fitness, it is also important to follow good health guidelines. Lemon water is proven to help aid with digestion, and speed up your weight loss while providing you with an extra dose of vitamin C. Judy mentions how every morning she drinks lemon water. Some like it hot, and some prefer it cold, it don’t really matter how you do it just get into the habit of doing it. Remember, it might take some time to develop this healthy habit but try to make it easier on yourself to fit it in by getting lemons next time you go grocery shopping.  Check out this informative INFOGRAPHIC produced by Cleveland Clinic.

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Guide to Fitness
Gearing up is important

Keep in mind it is important to have the right gear when you go to work out. You want good quality gym clothes that are going to fit you right. If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes you are not going to be focused on your workout. We want you to do great on your fitness journey and sometimes getting some new gear will make you feel more confident walking through the gym doors.

Invest in some quality gym shoes. They are going to cost you on average somewhere between $60-$150. So, instead of buying into some marketing hype of diet pills like hydroxycut or similar, spend it on the right training shoes. Judy prefers Asics shoes which are a great brand, while I prefer Saucony because I have wider feet.

Ladies – please make sure you are buying high impact sports bras especially if you are going to be doing intense cardio workouts. You do not want your boobs flopping around. Some of the suggestions we recommended is check out the Under Armour brand, Champion Brand, and even Victoria’s Secret.


What else to expect when working out

  1. Being out of breath – yes you will get tired out quick if you are new to fitness just take a time out then get going again as needed.
  2. Looking like a hot mess – get use to the phrase “gym hair don’t care”
  3. Thirst – quench your thirst with H20 – skip the sugar drinks like Gatoraid and power aid – water works best
  4. Soreness – The soreness may set in 24-48 hours after your workout this is a good sign
  5. Listen to your body – be able to identify good pain versus there is something wrong pain
  6. More energy – Working out helps you have consistent energy throughout the day
  7. Positive attitude – People who find time for fitness are usually in a better mood


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