Sheena is a weight loss warrior who previously lost 100lbs. She contributes most of her success to vision boarding. Vision boarding for weightloss not only helped her lose weight but also helped her improve her fitness levels. This is a girl who took her self from being out of breath walking to the corner store, to pushing her body to complete a half-marathon.

“Vision Boarding For Weightloss”

Sheena battled obesity from a young age, and it wasn’t until she was in grad school until she finally took action. She asked herself “how is it I can achieve so many things, but I can’t lose weight?” after thinking about this question she realized that she was not putting her full potential into losing weight.

So she started treated her weight loss journey as if it were a school assignment, and she needed to get an ‘A’. She utilized instagram to follow other people’s success story and started to believe that if so many other people were able to lose weight naturally then she also should be able to.

She changed her mindset to think of “workouts” like homework. She set up herself with goals such as drinking a gallon of water a day then she got into vision boarding for weightlos so that it could keep her mind fresh with the things she needed to focus on. On her vision board she posted affirmations like “I am a morning person, I will wake up and workout” and within two days she was waking up before 6am to make time for fitness.

Check out this article from Huffington Post on why vision boards work and how to make one.


We are most critical of ourselves, but you need to remember to be kind to yourself. Stop beating yourself up when a mistake or setback happens. Sheena is a prime example that we are humans, she initially lost 100lbs but then had a family crisis over a year’s time and gained back 30 pounds. She did not sit in the corner and cry about it, she got up and started working out again.

Challenge Yourself

Today Sheena is a weight loss coach and helps inspire others on their journey. She feels that challenges help people stay focused on their goals and keeps them active in the online community. Check out Sheena’s site where she hosts different challenges regularly.

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