Ashleigh is a woman on a mission to beat obesity and binge eating. She previously weighed in at an alarming 536lbs and decided she needed to turn her life around. Ashleigh was not someone who struggled with being obese her whole life, but faced rapid weight gain when she experienced some trauma and turned to food for comfort. Binge eating was a serious problem that she developed and still struggles with it today.

before and after binge eating

“Losing a baby caused me to turn to food for comfort” – Ashleigh

After experiencing trauma and tragedy with a miscarriage – Ashleigh immediately turned to food for comfort, and developed a binge eating disorder. She rapidly gained weight until she was tipping the scales at a high of 536lbs. Ashleigh tells me that she had no idea she was even weighing close to that until she had a second miscarriage.

This was the ultimate turning point for her. She knew she was self-sabotaging herself, and letting her husband down. She decided to seek help from professionals and decided to get started at the gym. Ashleigh described her binge eating attacks as going to Mcdonalds and ordering multiple double cheeseburgers, McChicken sandwiches, large fries, nuggets, soda, icecream and finishing it in one sitting. She said a day of binge eating could easily add up to over 8,000 calories.

Now Ashleigh trys to control the desire of binge eating by filling her day with more cardio, or avoiding trigger foods that cause her to binge. She said one thing that really helps her is to try to binge eat something that is healthy and she said baby carrots are her Go-To when she is having the desire to binge.




Move More

Find more ways to put fitness into your life. At over 300lbs Ashleigh is running, walking, stair-climbing, or swimming. She also uses her dogs as a reason to get out and move more. They help motivate her on days she is feeling lazy because she knows they need to get out too and both are getting the benefits of activity.


Track Your Food

Ashleigh is a “numbers” person, and loves to keep track of exactly what she is eating. She uses the My fitness pal app to log her food items and keep count of both her calories and her cabs. Not only is she tracking food but she also uses the Jawbone fitness tracker to track her daily steps and hit her goals.

Instagram Support

Ashleigh has really taken to the instagram community to find her support group. She said all the positive comments and messages she gets really holds her accountable. She told me about how she started her journey on facebook but then people complained about her posting too often where the instagram community likes more frequent updates.

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