I love home cooking, making them simple, easy and healthy for the whole family to enjoy. My meal planning is made simple for busy folks who’s looking to minimize time in the kitchen and spend more quality time with family–to enjoy a healthy meal.¬†

Jen’s Weight Loss Journey As A Baker
Jen learned how to gain control of her will power. She was a professional baker who started up her own bakeshop in 2005. She was surrounded by temptation and a lot of sweet treats, and before she knew it she she was 50lbs overweight and under a lot of stress.

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On top spending hours around heaps of sugar she started to have other family issues which also slowed her down. Her two year old daughter developed an allergy to raw flour, so she was unable to take her to the bakery and always had to have a sitter. Her father was diagnosed with brain cancer but she was pre-occupied with the business.

It was at this point in her life where she knew she had to make some changes that would benefit both her family’s needs and her health. So she quit her baking business and in 2008 joined a gym and started to become more aware of what she was putting into her body when it came to food. ¬†Over time she was able to knock off that extra 50lbs she previously gained.

Ups and Downs

Just when Jen felt like she was getting her life back under control, she decided to go back to work but choose to work in a bakery rather than own one again. She picked up a job opportunity as a cake decorator which she was great at, but slowly over time she gained back 30 pounds which she previously lost. Jen actually did not even realize this until she saw a photo of herself on Facebook that a friend posted. She cried.

She knew she had to get back to basics and start flexing her will-power muscles. She knew she no longer could be a baker. She got turned on to “Clean Eating” challenges. She found a coach who was her former doctor and she was able to get accountability through the coach. Now, Jen says “When I walk past a delicious smelling bakery it is easier to push back the temptation.”

Exercising and clean eating is the right path to success. Sometimes we just need a little extra push or a little more time to develop our willpower muscles but once you see that you can do a clean eating challenge for 10 days you will want to push your goal to 15 then push it again, and again, and again.

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