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He is a true weight-loss warrior who got motivated and completely turned his life around. Through implementing a few simple lifestyle rules he was able to drop 225lbs. Tim is really inspirational, and has been blogging about his weight loss journey from the start. You may recognize Tim from TV, as he has had his moment of fame when he was featured on the TLC during the launch of their show Skin Tight.

“I lost 1 pound 225 times” – Tinier Tim aka Tim Bauer

I lost 1 pound 225 times, is exactly how Tinier Tim explains his weight loss journey. Tim is a typical guy who struggled with being over weight for as long as he can remember. When I was speaking with him about his weight loss journey, he even told me that his first words as a baby was Doritos!

When he was previously weighing in at over 440lbs, he recalled thinking of himself as “super-man”. He did not want to believe that he was classified as morbidly obese, and he was able to even hid it from himself. Tim told me in the past he was eating a regular daily diet that consisted of approximately a five to six thousand calories.

Tinier Tim’s old diet looked like:

 BreakfastMexican food – Burritos, Chicken Tacos, Large Fries, and Large Dr.Pepper
Second Breakfast – A few bagels or donuts
Lunch – 
Mexican food – Similar to what he had for breakfast
Dinner – Fast Food – A Super Sized Meal
Midnight Snacks



Identify Your WHY

If you are trying to lose weight for the wrong reasons it is never going to work. Tim talks to us about the multiple times he has failed in the past because he was not trying to lose weight for himself. He tried losing weight for a girl before, it didn’t work. He tried losing weight with a friend before, but that fizzled out. He thought his kids would motivate him to lose weight, but they loved him regardless of his size.

3 Key Rules

Tim was able to stay on a track to success by laying down some simple ground rules for himself and sticking to them. He would start with one rule then spend an entire week focusing on that rule. Once he was comfortable with that one he would add in the second rule, then would also wait and finally add in his third rule.

  1. No Sugar
  2. No White Flour
  3. No Processed Foods – (if it sounds like a science experiment throw it away)

Monitoring Yourself

As an important part of Tim’s maintenance he explains how necessary it is for him to measure and monitor himself. However, he said you should not allow the scale to effect you emotionally or value your self worth. Simply see the numbers as information and take the necessary steps to move it in the right direction. He has seen too many friends lose weight, then gain it back because they don’t monitor themselves and things once again get out of control.

Stop abusing yourself and start loving yourself. Tim offers some free courses to help you jumpstart your weight loss.

Need a little extra push? Tim can give you the guidance you are looking for, but not until you are completely ready and committed. You first need to identify the real WHY of why you want to lose weight. Then you need to understand why you failed in the past when doing it. If you are ready to move ahead click here to jump over to and start seeing his video series on motivational weightloss.

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