Talking about getting back on track. I talk about how I gained 5lbs after not following healthy habits for the last two months. I also have suggestions like retail therapy, getting group support, doing a detox, and remembering why you started will help you get back to your healthy routine.

retail therapy to get back on track




1. Retail Therapy

Ready to get back on track? One of the ways you can get pumped about getting back into the gym is to get some new workout gear. As a chic I always feel good about putting on some new workout clothes, especially when they are cute and stylish. I like shopping at places like Victoria Secret or sometimes picking up cute graphic Ts at 5 below. As for the men, maybe a new pair of shoes or workout equipment can motivate you to get your groove back on in the gym.

Retail does not only need to apply to getting things that you wear at the gym but can also help you eat more healthy. Maybe you go out and buy one of those zucchini pasta makers as soon on TV, yeah kinda corny but if using unique kitchen gadgets motivates you to cook then get on it.

2. Remember Why You Started 

One of the most famous weight loss inspirational quotes is “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” Just because you had some set backs does no mean that you have completely given up. Try not to focus on that negative and look forward to the positive. From all the people I have spoke with we all have unique weight loss journeys. Tune back in to the reason you started, this can help you get back on track. Is it because you don’t like how you look in the mirror? Is it that you are feeling low on energy on a regular basis, was it because you battling with other health issues. Identifying your reason why can help you spark a flame to get moving once again.

what is your why

3. Create Your Plan

When you have a plan in place it is something that will be much easier to follow, a few days before you want to really get serious about getting your healthy routine back together you should write down a list of healthy meals that you can make, healthy snacks you can pack, and put together a grocery list. Once you have your list together start your shopping and then immediately start your food prepping. I’ve fallen victim too many times of buying the healthy food sticking it in the fridge not getting around to cooking it or prepping it then it goes bad, I ate like crap the whole week, and I lost all that money I spent on buying quality organic foods.

So it is highly important for you to do your food prepping and start your cooking process when you come back from the grocery store. Once you have everything boxed up nicely in your fridge it is so much more easier and convenient to grab a healthy cooked meal. Personally i’m one of those people who wait until last minute when i’m in starvation mode to want food that I choose the junk food to eat because it is quickly accessible. However, when I plan ahead and have healthy stuff already prepared and I need to just pull it out and heat it up then it is sooo much better.

Having a food plan is one thing, but creating an exercise plan is also very important. I hate entering the gym and feeling like what am i going to do today…. then you look at the treadmill and have that feeling like ohhhh im so bored of that or you look at the elliptical and think ugh i just did that yesterday. Make a plan that is going to mix things up for you. Plan to take a yoga class, do a few days of weight lifting, go for a run outside, take a bike ride, constantly mix up your routine so you can keep yourself entertained.

4. Get Support

Having support is such a big part of a successful weight loss journey and can help you get back on track. Ask friends to join you on a healthy lifestyle, this way you can hold each other accountable. Maybe even do something as simple as set up a daily walk and talk time with a close friend. You could even go out in the world and catch Pokemon…. sorry I had to throw that in there with all the hype going around.

Just to get a little bit off topic… WOW those Pokemon people are really going crazy i’m addicted to just listening to the hype of it even though I don’t play the game. I actually have many friends that are playing and they try to get me to play by saying things like Krista you are already an active person who likes going out side this game was made for you! yeah super funny, but no i’m not getting on that bandwagon, i’m a 31 year old woman now and I think Pokemon first got popular when I was about 13, I was too old for it then, and i’m too old for it now.

So i’ve just been trolling my friends who are playing it. On the flip side that game is really helping lazy gamers get their move on… my friend is now spending his lunch breaks at the mall or at the park rather than sleeping in his car! How’s that for a testimonial for the game? I’ll me sure I bring him on here as a success story if he loses 50lbs from playing Pokemon GO! omg this is really cracking me up…. Sorry to get off on a tangent like that but yeah bringing it back to getting support is a great way to keep yourself going. Time to get back on track.

DR OZ 10 day detox
pokemon tuff stuff

5. Detox

If you have been like the cookie monster and have been craving some serious sugar, something like a detox diet is a great way to jump start your weight loss success and get back on track. Personally im not a fan of strict long term diets I believe more in a healthy lifestyle, but when we fail doing our healthy lifestyle and develop some other bad eating habits. Going through with a 7-14 day detox diet can really help you kick bad cravings to the curb.

Plus it is likely when you start out you will see a good downward movement on the scale and when we quickly see results it does help inspire us to keep going. DR OZ has a 10 day detox diet, I have not yet tried it but it looks pretty interesting and I might plan on giving it a shot. Basically in this detox you kick out all processed foods from your diet, anything that has added sugar, you remove all grains and starches from your diet as well as beans, dairy, coffee, and alcohol.

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