Meet Alyssa from Alyssa was one of the women who never had weight issues in her life until after having kids. She became motivated to change when she saw a photo of herself and could not recognize the overweight person she had become. So she pushed forward and lost over 50lbs in 8 months.

A Real Mom on the Move

Meet Alyssa, she is a fellow blogger and a fit mom looking to get inspire others to make their move. Alyssa was one of the young ladies who never struggled with her weight until after the birth of her second child. She was going through some photos and noticed a picture of herself and could not believe the person she had become. Alyssa realized that she went through some emotional eating disorder which caused her to gain the weight. She knew she had to take action and get fit for not just herself but also for her kids.

Eating disorders impact many of us, and most of the time it is emotional eating that is the highest contributor to obesity. It is likely that we eat more when we are bored, or we may find comfort in food when we are stressed or depressed. It’s not always about the binge eating, but sometimes about the fast-food and poor food choices we make out of not putting much thought into what it is that we are eating.

First, she joined weight watchers and learned how to make healthier eating decisions then she later transitioned into flexible dieting by choosing to count macros. Counting macros is a method you can do to measure your carbs, fat, and protein intake. Over a course of approx 8 months she was able to lose about 50lbs. Today Alyssa is also a certified trainer and she runs her own blog site you can learn more about her here.

Alyssa might look like a fitness model but she is a real down to earth woman who still has a sweet tooth and her flexible dieting allows her to feed her cravings. Instead of grabbing a high in sugar candy bar, she opts for a square of dark chocolate or a mighty muffin to cure her cravings. She said “I want health and fitness to be a part of my life and I don’t want to feel restricted.”

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