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Meet Clare a fellow blogger and fitfluential at NeonRainbowBlog. A young lady inspired to lose the weight after hearing terrifying words from her own mother. It was her mother who told her “Clare, if you don’t lose weight, you will die and I am scared for your health.”
Those are the words that got her motivated to move. Those are the words that made her realize she needed to take action. Those are the words that got her making healthier choices, and that is what caused her to immediately join Weight Watchers.

After joining Weight Watchers she immediately started seeing results after the first week. Clare stuck with the program for awhile and lost a total of 42lbs. After being on the program for awhile she got bored and started drifting back to some old habits. At that point she decided to give something else a try and went ahead with Slimming World.

Clare decided she did not want to specifically focus on the number on the scale, but aim for a healthier lifestyle and work on her body confidence. She mustered up the courage to be a part of the Slimming World meet up class and publicly share her struggles with others. This took a lot of courage from her to take that first step and get in front of people, but it ended up being the level of motivation that she needed for long term change.

Over the next 14 months she saw significant changes in her body. Attending the meetings at Slimming World was able to continually keep her accountable. Clare finally hit her goal weight and received a certificate of success. Today she is in maintenance mode, and continues to check in with her SW meet up to make sure she is still in her healthy weight range.

Over a course of five years, Clare lost 100 pounds. This girl really deserves a round of applause, so reach out and show her some love on her instagram @neonrainbow_sw or go and checkout her blog site.

weight loss from slimming world

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