I am a mom of 4 beautiful kids all under the age of 9.

I’ve always been passionate about health and like to keep active but with my busy life putting myself first was never a top priority. I was tired, run down and desperate to shed the extra weight. I tried EVERYTHING from pills to “pink drinks” and nothing had a lasting effect…. or any effect at all.

I was determined to create a product that would help curb my appetite, fuel my body with nutrients and shed pounds… real pounds not water weight. I was determined to create something for all those people out there that were fighting the same battle I was.

After a year of experimenting I found the answer. I created a delicious tea that not only curbed my appetite but cut my cravings (I’m a carb girl ). In the first 4 weeks I lost 10lbs! My abs were more defined, my skin looked toner and most importantly I felt good about myself.

Weight loss is a struggle for so many, including kids. No parent wants to see his or her child fight the mental and physical battle that being overweight can bring. My kids drink a wellness tea to help them stay fit, focused and calm without compromising healthy growth. Its time we stop dieting and start living!

Find more information by visiting www.rawlfit.com

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