Find Your Fitness Journey

Rick Copley is a lifelong fitness guru, and fellow podcaster on his own show called The Fit Life. Rick talks to us today about how important it is to find your fitness journey no matter where you are at on your weight-loss journey. He really gives a great analogy to look at your fitness journey as if you are climbing a ladder. Everyone has to start somewhere, and even if you are a couch-potato you can start by putting one foot on the bottom rung of the ladder. Its all about the progress that you make, and how you can always push yourself to be a little bit better.

After speaking with Rick, he really opened my eyes that not all things need to be measured by the scale. So as you are constantly battling on your weightloss journey, or you are stuck in a plateau remember that you may be improving in other areas. For example, you may not see a change on the outside but changes are happening that you might not be paying attention to, such as your ability to complete a mile run faster, or your ability to do more reps with weights. These little things in life constantly go un-recognized when we focus too much on the scale.

Invest In Yourself

The problem for many of us who are overweight, is that we do not invest in ourself. It’s so easy go ‘treat-yourself’ by going out to a restaurant and placing an order for some delicious fried food, and pay $50 for a night out. But why do we still struggle when it comes to forking out $50/month for a gym membership? Why do we come up with excuses for weight-loss and say it is going to be too expensive? Remember that if you don’t invest in yourself you will be cutting your life short.

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