Vegan for weightloss

Chris is a fellow podcaster documenting his love for his newly found lifestyle of healthy and happy. He tells us about how he traded in his old lifestyle of eating pizza and subs on a regular basis into a vegan for weightloss. After making the switch to ‘beans and greens’ he found that he lost 12lbs during his first week. Not only did he transform his own life to a more healthy lifestyle, he also transformed his family’s eating habits. Chris firmly believes that ‘diets’ are temporary which is why it is so important to develop a lifestyle routine and not just a diet.

He originally became inspired by a vegan-friendly lifestyle after reading the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman. Chris opens up about struggles with food that he still faces today such as drinking beer, and other trigger foods. While Chris is at a much healthier weight he still has a goal to lose about 30 more pounds. It proves that none of us are perfect but we can still achieve our desired results as long as we don’t give up. He believes in the power of food journaling and regularly practices yoga. Chris’s advice is to set yourself up with realistic goals and don’t over do it, else you will fail.


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