Stephanie has an amazing transformation from natural weight loss through diet and exercise and gets a

tummy tuck

. She lost over 150lbs and started by making small changes in her life after going through a break up. When she first started her weight loss journey Stephanie recalls being terrified of the scale. After she finally did get on the scale and realized she was at 340lbs she knew she had to do something to change her life, and she simply started with walking. She dropped her first 20lbs within a week and that gave her the determination to keep moving forward. After Stephanie lost the weight, she had a lot of extra baggage which was flabby skin that she carried around on her midsection. Stephanie made a bold, brave decision about going through with her tummy tuck, and talks to us about what the experience was like.

  • Stephanie had emotional eating problems
  • Remembers being terrified of the scale
  • Started her weight loss journey after a relationship ended
  • Lost 20lbs in her first week which was a huge motivation to continue
  • How she felt people treated her differently before and after weight loss
  • How she decided to get the tummy tuck procedure
  • Stephanie shares a lot of valuable advice


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