Christine tells us about how she was thin most of her life, and

gained weight rapidly

. Until she stopped smoking. She described it as trading one bad habit for another. When she stopped smoking she rapidly gained weight, and ran into a lot of health problems. She explains how she felt like she tried to do everything to lose weight, and when one of her coworkers told her how weight loss surgery worked for her, Christine thought she would also give it a go. After going through with her surgery she did lose 50lbs relatively quickly, but she still did not learn healthy eating habits. She was still eating junk food, and then started noticing that once again her weight was increasing. She did not want to be a failure, she wanted to make this work. Christine had to learn how to eat right and exercise to continue to see progress.

  • Christine did a weight loss surgery because she was inspired by a coworker
  • She lost 150lbs and is at her goal weight
  • Talks about how she lost weight without cooking and meal prepping
  • How she stopped smoking and rapidly gained weight
  • Diet and Exercise gets long term results
  • She went through with a tummy tuck
  • Her advice is commit and invest in yourself
  • You must change your mindset


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