Brad has lost 100lbs through clean eating and a strict workout routine. However he talks about how getting started was not easy and how the gym was very intimidating for a big overweight guy. Brads biggest piece of advice is to not let fear hold you back. Fear use to hold him back in the past but not anymore. He completely changed his life around, and he weighs less today than what he did in middle school. Brad says he is lucky because his wife is his support system. They both work out together and keep each other accountable. He says it is like having his own personal trainer without having to pay extra.

  • Brad Lost 100lbs via diet and exercise
  • He weighs less now than what he did in middle school
  • Lives by the phrase “eat to live not live to eat”
  • He is working on becoming a personal trainer
  • Says sodium is a weight loss blocker
  • Do not let fear hold you back
  • Don’t have a cheat meal have a reward meal

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