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Roxi was the girl who struggled with her weight her entire life. Even at 12 years old she was weighing in at over 200lbs. Because she is a young mother she decided to set a positive example in her children’s life by getting fit and leading by example. She wanted to change to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight so she can become pregnant.

Today many women suffer from infertility issues, and losing weight is one of the ones that are within your control. About one in eight couples of childbearing age in the United States has trouble conceiving. If your BMI is exceeding 30 then it is highly likely you will have a much harder time trying to get pregnant.

Studies link being overweight to a list of pregnancy complications, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects . Roxi decided that she did not want to risk her own health or the life of her child she was planning so she decided to first get fit before attempting to have another baby. Not only did she want to get healthy but she wanted people to notice that she was pregnant and not just fat. She wanted to show off her baby bump and take lots of pregnancy photos.

She decided to take action by counting her calories and logging them in with My Fitness Pal. She would allow her self one ‘cheat meal’ per week and she would make an effort to exercise at least 3-4 days per week. She planned out her exercise routine and would either, walk, do the elliptical, or bike for her cardio on average 30-45 minutes. Then she would do strength training and lift weights for about 15-30 minutes.

She stuck with her routine and ended up losing 122lbs in just 13 months. This was a real success to her as she recently gave birth to her second child. She is very happy and continues to eat healthy and work out regularly. Follow her on instagram and show her your support.



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