Gina lost over 90lbs on

Jenny Craig

. A dear friend inspired her to jumpstart her weightloss journey by telling that makeovers and new clothes would not solve her unhappiness she needed to focus on her health. So, that is exactly what Gina did, she immediately started with Jenny Craig since the meal decisions were already being made for her and the portions were the perfect fit. Gina remembers how good she felt when she hit that first 20lbs down milestone and talks about how she constantly would envision herself as her best self to stay motivated on her weight loss journey.

  • Her best friend inspired her to lose weight
  • Gina believes that visualization is the key to her success
  • She lost over 90lbs using Jenny Craig
  • Gina was featured on Jenny Craig’s commercials as a testimonial
  • She did a fitness combination of Yoga, Cardio, and Personal Training
  • As a fitmom she motivates her kids to be healthy

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