Cristina talks to us about how she lost nearly 100lbs and transformed herself from a big girl to a

bikini babe

. Cristina has struggled with many ups and downs when it comes to battling with weight. She was thin most of her life and speaks out about her emotional eating that occurred in college causing her to gain weight rapidly. She referred to herself as the likable ‘fat-friend’ and used humor to make herself feel better. Until the day she decided to turn her life around and find fitness inspiration.

  • Naturally lost 99lbs
  • Was slim when she was in high school but still felt fat
  • She was a dancer and cheerleader in high school
  • Struggled with binge eating
  • Rapid weight gain in the college years
  • Cristina tells about her Bikini competition training
  • She talks about enjoying and have fun with food
  • She loves to eat Mighty Muffins and Protein Cookies

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