Frances is a young woman who struggled with weight gain in college. When she realized how over weight she was she was ready to do
any thing but work for it, she started with MisoLipo injections because she wanted a quick fix. She said the injections worked but
there was a lot of

problems with MisoLipo Therapy

. She ended up gaining the weight back plus more, but she learned a valuable lesson.

  • Frances has now lost over 65lbs naturally
  • In the past she always overate and never felt satisfied
  • In the past her idea of exercise was getting up to get the TV remote and flip channels
  • How she tried to take a shortcut in the past to lose weight by getting injections
  • How she has mixed emotions of being embarrassed of getting so fat, but proud she is working it off naturally.
  • Her advice is do not have a cheat-day, limit yourself to just one ‘cheat-meal’
  • When you are struggling with a food decision …. remember what your goals are
  • Today Frances is a Beach Body Coach and runs a group to help support others



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