This story is really amazing Keith is a huge inspirational leader on Instagram. He is a guy who became motivated to lose weight because he wanted to win back his ex girlfriend. Now that he has dropped 173lbs and looks amazing, rather than wasting time on the past he looks to the future and offers a helping hand to anyone in need. Keith is the founder of @WLSTORIES on INSTAGRAM where he publishes anything BODY POSITIVE.

  • Keith started his weight loss journey to win back a girl, but later decided she wasn’t worth chasing after.
  • He lost over 173lbs check out his amazing before and after transformation.
  • How he still psychologically feels like a ‘fat-guy’ after losing the weight.
  • When he got pulled over by the police they thought his ID was fake as it still had the ‘Fat-Photo’
  • Keith talks about how the gym was intimidating when he first started going.
  • His method to success is MIND OVER MATTER
  • When you feel like you are depriving yourself of food THINK you are rewarding your body.
  • His advice… Don’t let society cause you to cheat yourself.

Find Keith on Instagram @WLSTORIES and @6months100pounds


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