Shawna is a mother and


who has a goal to get fit before she hits her 40th birthday. She talks to us on a variety of topics today such as how she battled a brain tumor, how she joined up with the FitGirls community, Virtual 5ks, how she no longer craves fast food, and soooo much more.

  • Shawna packed on weight after going through a difficult brain tumor and had to go down a long road of recovery.
  • She talks about how she significantly changed her portion sizes, but still eats things she loves.
  • No more cravings for fast food, and how her taste buds have changed.
  • Shawna educates us on what being a fitgirl¬†is all about.
  • Virtual 5ks are a real thing!
  • Its so impressive to learn that Shawna does yoga and a workout every single day.
  • She believes taking care of herself better helps her take care of her family.
  • We talk CUPCAKES

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