In this podcast I have the pleasure of speaking to Jervon Hamilton and how he got motivated to start his Journey.

  • Jervon started his weight loss journey after experiencing some heart-health related issues
  • He becomes diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Jervon speaks the truth about weight-loss and how some days are good but most days are challenging
  • He talks about in the past how he would lose 30 pounds, then lose motivation and add it back on
  • Jervon finds love in Spin class and says Spin + Weight lifting helped him shed pounds
  • He stopped eating fast food and started to make a switch from red meats to turkey burgers and veggie burgers!
  • These lifestyle changes helped him come off his medications¬†and beats¬†diabetes, and high blood pressure
  • Jervon feels like he gained a LIFE after losing the weight
  • You can find Jervon on INSTAGRAM – j_fit_or_die
  • His favorite food is GUMBO and Hamburgers and his favorite hashtag is #SPINsavedmylife


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