This is my first “Support Podcast” usually I interview people who have already lost a lot of weight, but Laurie inspired me to also do a monthly podcast to help someone who needs that extra momentum to get started. I really wanted to share Laurie’s story because she is in the same position as many of us when it comes to dieting. What plan do you do? When she couldn’t decide she decided to just try a different one each month. She is going to try 12

different diets

. I think her approach is really interesting as she will be writing a review about all the different diets she is going to try on her blog. Blogging is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

  • Laurie is a Blogger at
  • Her goal this year is to lose 100lbs
  • She tried numerous diets in the past and failed because she lost momentum
  • She feels going public with blogging about her diet will help her stay accountable
  • Laurie speaks about in the past on her negative mind set where if she did not see a change on the scale she would tell herself “If I don’t lose weight, I may as well eat whatever I want.”
  • She fears she might fall back into those old habits
  • Discusses how easy it is for your family or spouse to say “let’s just have pizza tonight” and then give in.
  • The struggle is real, and Laurie just needs a solid support system

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