Kerry wrote this amazing story in her own words about how she started her journey, and suddenly her life takes an unexpected turn. Kerry was able to stick with her diet during a divorce. She proves that no matter your situation you can pull through and come out a shining star….


I have been doing the Lighterlife Total plan for 29 weeks now.   In total I have lost 101lbs and 98cm off of my measurements.  Im on target to lose a stone a month and am feeling great.

3 weeks into the plan my husband announced our marriage was over, after 23 years together.  I was devastated.  At that point I was at a crossroads and could have gone either way, in regards to the diet.  I opened the fridge and picked up a treat, ready to throw in the towel.  What was the point!

I took a moment and decided that right now, sticking to plan was the most important thing for me.  I had to focus on me at this point in my life and take control.  Over the next few weeks / months we went through the break up, and all of the legal stuff that included.  It truly was the most stressful, emotional time in my life.    Right now I feel so proud of myself that I did indeed stick to the plan and am getting to know a new me… a slimmer, healthier me.

All of my life ive been a yo yo dieter.  Doing other diets and losing a pound here… half a pound there, and yes I have lost weight.  These past diets didn’t deal with the emotional side of my relationship with food.  On the other diets, I could cheat.  An odd chip here and there and the weight loss was slow (even on good weeks).  Once I reached a comfortable weight I would just go back to old eating habits, as I had not dealt with what was going on inside of my head and why I was eating.

Starting Lighterlife is the best thing ive done.  I wish I had done it ages ago.  Before starting I didn’t think I would be able to survive on shakes and bars etc, however Ive found that its so easy.  Temptation is completely gone.  I know I cant have a little treat, or the odd chip etc.  Its clear cut on what I can and cannot have.  Simple.  I attend the weekly group sessions.   The sessions are small and I see the same ladies every week.  Everyone is so nice, and all going through the same process an situation.  They are all so supportive.  We share tears and laughter and support each other all the way through every week via a whatsapp group.  During the group sessions, through CBT,  we talk about why we turn to food during certain times in our life.  The sessions really make you think and help you see things in a different light.  

Now on week 99, I feel great!  I still have a couple of stone to lose but im feeling great.  I feel healthier, my skin feels better.  Ive started shopping for new clothes in new sizes, that I never thought I would see again!.  I can walk into a ‘normal’ shop and buy items without even trying some of them on!.  This week I tried on some knee high boots (ready for the winter) and I could do the zip up!  YAY.  For years and years, I would try such boots on and could never do the zip up to the top.  If felt great walking into a high street store and the boots fitting like a glove!.

Before Xmas I managed to get into a size 16 jeans and by Xmas they were too big.  Last week I went out to try some new ones.  I looked at the size in the shop and thought I would never get in them but would try!… a size 12.  They fitted fab!  It made me feel so happy and proud of myself.  

This week I have thrown out ALL of my FAT clothes.  I had a wardbrobe full of clothes that no longer fitted me.  On past diets I had always kept my bigger clothes.  My counsellor said in group we should throw them away.  Why would I keep them?  by keeping them, in the back of mind I was telling myself that I may put the weight back on one day.  I never want to go back, to the old bigger me….. so the clothes had to go!  I now have 6 rubbish sacks full of old stuff and lots of clear shelves and hangers ready for my new wardrobe.  Just need to save some money now to go out on a spending spree. lol

Since Xmas ive been receiving comments on how different I look now, and lots of compliments which is a great morale and confidence booster.  

Hubby would never let me get a dog, so since he has moved out, I have purchased a puppy to keep me company.  She is adorable and keeps my mind occupied and focused.  We go for walks, which is great in helping me get my fitness levels up.  

My confidence is slowly returning, and hopefully with that will come a new start and maybe a little romance.  Who knows……


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