In this episode you get to hear from Courtney, a young mother of two who diligently follows the Weight Watchers plan and uses Instagram as her food photo journaling tool.

  • Courtney shares how as a stay at home mom it is hard to fit-fitness into her schedule
  • Her goal is to make weight loss the smallest struggle in her daily life – she wants it to be a healthy lifestyle with weight watchers
  • She shares how making food substitutions such as making her own pizzas has helped her drop pounds
  • Courtney is really good at eating healthy snacks likes fruits and veggies or string cheese with turkey slices
  • She considers her tablespoon her best friend and talks about her #peanutbutterproblems
  • We discuss using Fitbit as a method to boost the number of steps you get.
  • Her advice is don’t deprive yourself, if you occasionally give in to your cravings that is OKAY.

Find Courtney on Instagram Here

We also talk about how Fitbit can be a great motivational tool.
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