Say hello to Dani, she is a fellow blogger who regularly posts about her fitness journey on Dani was like many of us girls who struggled with being overweight her entire life. Like myself, she also gained most of her extra weight when she went off to college because so much bad-for-you foods are easily available. Later in 2008 Dani moved to Chicago and again packed on more pounds…maybe the deep dish pizza was to blame. Although she was fitting in fitness on a regular basis she just kept stuggling with getting healthy eating down.

Finally she felt like enough is enough and in 2009 she joined up with Weight Watchers and decided to change her life. Over time she managed to accomplish losing over 80lbs and keeping it off. When she saw the kind of success she wanted with the weight watchers program she decided to become a leader in 2012 after hitting her lifetime goal.

Today Dani is a SUPER RUNNER she has completed over 7 Marathons and even does virtual races in her spare time. It is amazing to see all of the medals and awards Dani has collected along her journey.
Not only does she blog but she is an ambassador for Sparkly Soul which sells super cute headbands, Momentum cute fitness jewelry, Fitfluential, SweatPink, and many more.


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